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Do you want to Increase your social value?

Be educated and empowered by an experienced criminal justice practitioner to understand how hiring someone who has a criminal record can do just that.

Change your Perspective

Our mission is to give organisations and businesses the understanding and confidence to hire people who have a criminal record.

Imagine a society where everyone, including individuals who have a criminal conviction, has an equal opportunity to get sustainable employment. Picture a society where the prisons aren’t overcrowded, and where money once spent on criminal justice can be spent on education or the NHS instead.

Be educated and empowered by an experienced criminal justice practitioner who will support you to be a part of positive societal change.

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We support you to Diversify your team

An increase in social value for both your business and the individual will come when you employ someone who has a criminal record.

Your team are the core of your business. Having a diverse team provides opportunities for increased creativity, for people to grow and learn, and for your businesses' reputation to increase.

Be educated and empowered by an experienced criminal justice practitioner who will connect you with trusted organisations who can help you find the right individual for your team.

How we Educate and Empower you

Free consultation

Book in a free 30 minute consultation so we can understand your needs and how we can best support you.


We run a variety of workshops which can be delivered in person or online. Workshops can also be tailored to the specific needs of your business or organisations.


We provide 1-1 support to ensure that your business is even more inclusive, and that you are as prepared as possible to welcome individuals who have a criminal record into your team. 

"Esther was really helpful as we were exploring how best to be able to be more welcoming to people with a conviction as volunteers in our food bank. She offered a great initial consultation and is available to help on an ongoing basis as we look to write policies and recruit people. I really value the advice and knowledge she has given us, and feel that with her support we can be a more inclusive and welcoming organisation to volunteer or work for."

Ready to increase your social value?

Are you ready to stand out from the crowd and be a business for good? Then book a call with us today.

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