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Welcome, I'm Esther the founder and CEO of Myrtos Consultancy. I have over 13 years' experience working in Criminal Justice, in both a custodial and community setting. Starting out as an Assistant Psychologist in a local men's prison and then qualifying as a Probation Service Officer within the same prison gave valuable custodial experience. I then transitioned to working for a charity in a community setting, training mentors to support someone with a conviction in the community. This provided the community experience which highlighted the challenges people leaving prison can face.

At Myrtos Consultancy we believe that everyone should be given a fair chance to work, grow, and thrive, regardless of their past. So many individuals who leave prison or who have a conviction feel ashamed and without a sense of purpose. Prison, or a life of crime, can often feel like the only place where they are understood. Read on if you want to be part of an inclusive and positive change for those who are often misunderstood and not given a fair chance.

Why Myrtos?

The word Myrtos is the Greek for Myrtle, which comes from the Hebrew word for the name Esther. Esther, the founder of Myrtos Consultancy, has a heart to see everyone realise their potential and be accepted for who they are not what they have done. The Myrtle plant has green leaves and either white, purple, red, or pink flowers. Its flowers symbolise love and devotion, the plant symbolises purity, hope and rebirth and the Hebrew for Myrtle means peace, joy, generosity, and justice. These are all attributes that Myrtos Consultancy stands for, and hopes will be extended to someone who has a conviction by businesses and organisations, as well as the wider society.

How We Empower You

Myrtos Consultancy breaks down misconceptions around hiring someone with a conviction by educating and empowering organisations and businesses. We do this through a personalised and tailored approach offering 1-1 advice and support, as well as face to face, or online, workshops to you and your team.


Following the workshops you will have a full understanding of the differences between prison and the community, the tools to be able to confidently hire someone with a conviction, and the ability to effect change by knowing how to support them to sustain their employment.

This is in the hope that more people will be seen for who they are, not for what they have done, and in turn increase the job opportunities that are available for people who have a conviction. Did you know that the approximated economic and social cost of reoffending each year dominated by unemployed people with a conviction is £18 billion! 

Providing employment to someone who has been through the criminal justice system enables individuals to be part of a community, have a sense of purpose, and break down the walls of shame, which then breaks the cycle of offending and reduces recidivism. Thus ensuring there is more money for areas such as, health and wellbeing, and education.

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Photo Credit: Alan W Meerow
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